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We have been serving the Canterbury region for nearly 40 years and we plan on being around for a long time to come. This means sustainability within and alongside our business is a genuine focus and we are always looking for better and more sustainable ways of doing what we do and helping our customers understand sustainable options for their own futures.

Sustainable energy solutions

At Aotea Electric, we are able to offer alternative energy solutions for your home or business. Due to the rising costs of electricity along with the ability to harness natural resources, it makes sense to utilize alternative power generation systems.

Aotea Electric are able to give you a one stop shop solution to install solar PV systems, wind generation, or with our partnerships, a complete renewable energy design built to meet your needs. We also install EV charging stations in homes and businesses across Canterbury to help promote higher uptake of electrical vehicle ownership.

Alongside an effective renewable energy solution is the need to improve building efficiency.

We are able to offer an evaluation of your building's electrical consumption in lighting, heating and electrical equipment to get the most from your current energy solution.

Environmental partnerships

We are EcoSmart Electricians and Green Star Accredited so we can advise you on good choices and implement sustainable choices as part of best practice. We work closely with expert sustainability partners who offer specialist advice, service and products that help inform good sustainability strategies for our customers for the long term. 

Sustainable business practices

At Aotea Electric Canterbury we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact. One of our initiatives includes recycling fluorescent lighting tubes to keep their harmful components out of landfill and our environment. This process involves extracting all of the products from the tubes and using them in other applications, so they continue to be useful rather than becoming harmful waste.

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