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The Right Temperature

Heat pumps cool in summer and heat in winter so they are crucial assets for your home or business. However, when selecting a heat pump it's easy to get overwhelmed with the huge amount of choice available. How can you be sure what you are paying for is the right heat pump for your needs?

At Aotea Electric, we have an Air Conditioning team who really know their stuff. Not only do we provide a free heat pump quotation service, we also stand by the product and guarantee your system for 5 years. It is very important to make the right decision in an industry where there so many options from heat pump brands to size, features and installers.

Making The Right Choice

At Aotea Electric we size the correct heat pump system for your rooms or offices and provide the back-up service to give you the peace of mind that you have made the right choice.

For the the health and wellbeing of your family and workforce, fitting good heat pumps will help keep everyone healthy and comfortable, whatever the weather. 

Key considerations include the size of the area you wish to heat or cool, the local climate, the number of windows in the area, insulation in the walls and possible location options.

Correctly determining the size of equipment for your space is critical and directly relates to how much energy or heat the unit can produce. An undersized unit will be ineffective in bringing a room to the desired temperature, while an oversized unit will turn off and on frequently, causing wear and tear. To help, we can tailor make a system suited to your needs and provide an obligation-free quote.


    Keeping Heat Pumps Working Efficiently

    As a guideline, it is recommended that commercial systems have a thorough annual preventative maintenance check, coupled with three quarterly filter checks.

    Residential units require a comprehensive service every two years as a minimum (when filters are being cleaned regularly). However you may wish to do this annually before each winter to ensure your unit is working optimally.

    It is important to keep vegetation clear of the outdoor unit so that airflow is not impeded and to check the unit is clear of leaves monthly.

    Keep the filters clean. A commercial unit requires a quarterly check, as part of an annual preventative maintenance plan. For residential units we recommend you review your filters and clean them monthly, as they become dirty quickly.

    Our dedicated HVAC team offer maintenance packages to suit everyone. 

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