Cranes and Hoists
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Gantry Crane and Hoists

At Aotea Electric, we pride ourselves on having the personnel, equipment and spare parts to effectively install, maintain and repair cranes, hoists, monorails, gantry cranes and all other lifting equipment.


Emergency Break-down Service

When your equipment fails and your production stops, you can trust Aotea Electric to get you going again, any time.

Not only can Aotea Electric provide you with parts and service during normal business hours, we back this up with an after-hours service that is second to none.



    Programmed Preventative Maintenance

    Aotea Electric can provide a comprehensive tailor-made maintenance program, including preventative maintenance, scheduled routine inspections, repairs and maintenance work.

    This will help to minimise breakdowns, prevent equipment failure and increase productivity, as well as increasing safety. We can schedule these around off-peak times to minimise production downtime, therefore reducing costs to you. We can also take care of all Compliance requirements, as well as full safety inspections.

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