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Environmental Impact of Aotea Electric

August 4th 2020

Recycling 1000’s of Fluorescent Tubes

At Aotea Electric, Canterbury, we love the environment. We can often be found in the great outdoors of our beautiful country and we are obviously concerned about the environment and how
we impact it in our business and personal activities.

We looked at our business practices and and found that the most important thing to change was the way we and our customers disposed of fluorescent and HID lamps.. These tubes contain mercury which would leak from landfills eventually ending up in the ocean and then potentially into the fish on your dinner plates.

The recycling service that Aotea Electric uses extracts all of the products from the tubes and puts them into other applications;

  • Aluminium recovered from the ends of the tubes is recycled and cast into ingots to manufacture other products
  • Glass is separated and turned into insulation for homes and buildings
  • Mercury is distilled and re-use in the making of dental amalgam
  • Phosphor powder is used in fertiliser products and sold to New Zealand and Australian agriculture industries

Every tube that Aotea Electric removes in Christchurch is recycled with the parts split in this way – amazing to think that the next time you open a can of coke, buy something grown in New Zealand, get a filling in the dentist or sit in your warm and insulated home these products might have come from Aotea Electric Canterbury recycling the fluorescent tubes in Christchurch.

Aotea Electric remove thousands of these fluorescent tubes every year as part of our maintenance schedules in commercial buildings so the impact of this simple act is substantial. However, this is not
the only thing that Aotea Electric is doing to improve the environment in Christchurch and New Zealand – be sure to look out for more blogs of how we are reducing our impact and keeping New
Zealand beautiful.